A Final Note

The past years, months and weeks have had a huge amount of change wrapped up within them for me.  Much of that change had immediate effects, but some of it has been more subtle.  There are three major effects which are manifesting at the present time: a new career, a new job, and a new [...]

Migration Complete!

This morning I cut and all it's associated properties over from my old CentOS 5 box at to a new Amazon Linux "box" in Amazon Web Service's us-east-1 region.  Migration was pretty painless.  I followed the "replace hardware with cloud resources" approach that I advocate and have spoken on at various places.  The [...]

Scheduled Downtime This Evening

Just a heads up that the server hosting and all it's various offspring (PotD, EventLog, etc.) will be going down about eight this evening to replace a faulty cooling fan.  Total outage should be less than 15 minutes, and it will be a complete outage (the IPs will be dead).

I'm WPTouch Enabled

Over lunch I installed the WPTouch plugin to provide a iPhone OS-like interface for those of you who want to read site on your phone but not with the full layout.  Mmobile devices will still see the normal layout by default; you must enable the new interface using the toggle in the footer.  Once toggled, [...]

Goodbye ColdFusion, Hello Railo

Goodbye ColdFusion, Hello Railo

I've been working towards this for quite some time, and last night I finally replaced ColdFusion with Railo on my personal server.  By and large the switch went flawlessly.  I made a few compatibility changes ahead of time and found and fixed a few issues subsequently, but really smooth overall.  Even better, the memory footprint [...]

BEWARE: Impending Sporadic Brokenness

Tonight I'm switching from my CFML from ColdFusion 8 to Railo (bleeding edge).  So starting here in a couple hours there is undoubtedly going to be broken stuff.  Pic of the Day, of course, is the primary focus of the upgrade and I've already done extensive testing of that codebase on Railo so it [...]

Moving Pic of the Day Foiled Again

A while back I made an attempt to move Pic of the Day (NSFW) off of ColdFusion 8 and onto Railo 3.  I can't afford a license of CF9, so my only upgrade path is through a free alternative.  Unless someone has an extra four grand they want to give me….
Last time I was foiled [...]

A Drastic Change

So today I decided to upgrade to WordPress 2.9.2 (I'd been running 2.7 since forever), and unfortunately it broke K2, which is the theme I've been using since I switched to WordPress years ago.  K2 was a solid theme, but it started getting rather unstable I thought, so it was hard to get a good [...]

Wow Am I UGLY!!

Yeah, so apparently WordPress 2.9 totally broke K2.  My apologies for the horrific appearance of the site, though I'm delighted to say the admin area still looks awesome!  Or something.  I'll get it fixed here shortly, I promise….
UPDATE: apparently WordPress not only deprecated `attribute_escape`, they also changed it's functionality (despite it's widespread use in the [...]

Testing LaTeX Support

I just set up the WordPress plugin so I can do some formula stuff here.  This is just a little test post with some example formulas taken from my sun/earth collision model.
Euler's Identity (at different sizes):
Gravitational Constant:
Force due to gravity:
Inline also works (e.g., ).
If you use shortcodes within a paragraph (e.g., [...]