February 2010

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Public URLs via Amazon S3 CFC

I made another minor update to my Amazon S3 CFC this evening, this time to support PUTting public objects.  To this point, the CFC left the default ACL on new objects PUT on S3, meaning that you needed an authorized URL (via a query string signature) to retrieve them.  That was the use case I [...]

Sudoku HiddenSingleStrategy

The next Sudoku solving strategy I want to dig into is called "hidden single".  Here's the implementation to start with:
class HiddenSingleStrategy implements Strategy {

static getTests() {
new Test(
'0' * 9 + '000200000' + '0' * 9 [...]

Testing LaTeX Support

I just set up the WordPress plugin so I can do some formula stuff here.  This is just a little test post with some example formulas taken from my sun/earth collision model.
Euler's Identity (at different sizes):
Gravitational Constant:
Force due to gravity:
Inline also works (e.g., ).
If you use shortcodes within a paragraph (e.g., [...]

Front Controllers Should NOT Extend Application.cfc

I've been playing with FW/1 a bit on a personal app, and it has proven incredibly frustrating due to multiple manifestations of a single problem: your Application.cfc HAS to extend the framework in order to use the framework.  My complaint really has nothing to do with FW/1 in particular, the exact same argument could be [...]

Goodbye JRun, Hello Tomcat

Last night I finally kicked JRun to the curb and replaced it with Tomcat on my personal server.  I knew JRun was a pig and that I'd get some improvements by switching, I'd just never gotten around to doing it.  I don't know why I waited.  Here are two graphs from my server, see if [...]

Interesting ColdFusion CFQuery "Feature"

And just to be clear, when I say "feature" I actually mean "completely broken behaviour," though for a change of pace it's not with the compiler.  Probably.  Hopefully.
Consider this innocent-seeming code:

insert into test (s) values (
'dsn_A – record 1'

Every CF app has this (or equivalent) in a [...]

Fusebox's Noose

From an email Sean Corfield sent to the Fusebox5 mailing list (http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/fusebox5/message/4566):
I just wanted to provide a brief update on [Fusebox and 4CFF]. 4CFF discussed Fusebox with TeraTech (specifically John Zhu of 4CFF and Michael Smith of TeraTech) and were unable to reach an agreement on Fusebox joining 4CFF. One particular sticking point was that [...]