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A Word About Development Environments

I saw this today, and thought it hilarious:
Java, being a mainstream programming language, has attracted major software companies to pour money and human effort into it. As a consequence, a lot of good integrated development environments (IDEs) are out there. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a real programmer by using the good [...]

Medians and Quartiles

A number of years ago I build this little app called EventLog.  It's a really simple data journal: you enter a set of a tags and a timestamp (defaulting to "now"), and it saves it off to a database.  Then you can build all kinds of reports and such based on your data to help [...]

Inline JS Progress Bars

Inline JS Progress Bars

2011-05-17: A richer version is available at
If you've ever built a web app that does background and/or batch processing of stuff, you've invariably created a bit of markup like this:
#numberFormat(sentEmailCount, ',')# of #numberFormat(emailCount, ',')# sent…
which then renders like this:

Wouldn't it be nice to create this markup (simply with a wrapping span) instead:

#numberFormat(sentEmailCount, ',')# of [...]

Minor AmazonS3.cfc Bug Fix

Today I identified a subtle bug with the listObjects method of AmazonS3.cfc dealing with delimiters.  If you supply a prefix that ends with a trailing delimiter, certain paths would be returned partially truncated.  Removing the trailing delimiter solves the issue, so there's an easy workaround, but I've added a snippet to take care of that [...]