July 2010

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Flash Scope CFC

If you've ever used Grails, you probably know about the 'flash' scope that it provides for passing data from one request to the next.  Certainly not a must-have feature, but it's quite handy.  The typical use case is after a form submit, you set stuff into the flash scope and then redirect to some page [...]

Closures, Closures, Closures

Guess what time it is, kids!!
It's "Barney still wants CFML closures" time!  Yay!
Today's impetus is Edmund, Sean Corfield's event driven programming framework.  In order to register event listeners, you have to a CFC instance with a specific method to be invoked on it, and which accepts an Edmund Event as it's sole argument.  Which means [...]

Railo And AOP Transactions

If you're reading this, chances are good you're a software developer.  And that means you never touch the DB outside a transaction, right?  Of course, right.
Most of the time, transactions are a bit of a bear because their use is orthagonal to your business tasks.  To put that another way, business operations flow vertically from [...]

Tokenless location() Without Parameters

Both Railo and ColdFusion have added a builtin 'location' function in recent versions, and like their CFLOCATION counterpart, the default behaviour is to append the jsessionid/CFIDE/CFTOKEN tuple to the URL when redirecting.  I find this rather annoying, and it's even worse since FB3lite has a 'location' function which defaults it to false.  Unfortunately there isn't [...]