BEWARE: Impending Sporadic Brokenness

Tonight I'm switching from my CFML from ColdFusion 8 to Railo (bleeding edge).  So starting here in a couple hours there is undoubtedly going to be broken stuff.  Pic of the Day, of course, is the primary focus of the upgrade and I've already done extensive testing of that codebase on Railo so it should come across without issue.  Other than that, however, I've tested virtually none of my active CFML on Railo, so it'll be a bit of an adventure.  Fortunately, nothing I run is mission critical, so this sort of ad hoc approach should serve reasonably well.  I wouldn't recommend this technique without careful consideration.

So.  There's your warning.  Hopefully all will go well and within an hour or so I'll have vetted the various microapps to ensure all is well, and fixed any issues that come up, but we shall see.

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