April 2006

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Fusebox 5 is Alive!

Sean's done a great job with the Fusebox 5 cores (as if anyone had any doubt), and released Alpha 2 to the mailing list this week.  There've been a few little issues, but nothing major, and I'm happy to say I'm now running two production apps on the new version.
Both are stock _VC FB4.1 apps, [...]

CFPOP and Emailing Pictures to my Blog

I used CFPOP for the first time ever this evening.  Kind of surprising that I've never had occasion to use it in 6 years of full-time CF development, now that I think about it.  Once again, CFML makes it easy (or at least straightforward) to accomplish what is a horribly nasty task.
Anyway, I just got [...]

Trac Patch for Mid Air Collision Bug

Trac, for those of you who don't know, is a simple but powerful project management tool that sits atop a Subversion repository and does all kinds of neat things.  Ticket tracking is on, release scheduling, an integrated wiki, and source browsing, all wrapped up in a nice package.  If you're not using Subversion, Trac is [...]

Neuromancer 0.6.5 Released

Neuromancer 0.6.5 has been released, and is available for download.  Along with the changes I've mentioned in previous posts, there are a few goodies from Rob in there.
We're in the process of finalizing some API changes that will comprise the next release.  As the project has evolved, the initial design has put forth a few [...]

JS Remoting PDX-CFUG Presentation

Last Thursday I presented at the PDX CFUG on JS remoting and composite UIs.  I've uploaded my presentation and example code as a ZIP archive, and also made it available for direct preview.
Thanks to all who attended, and my apologies for having to jet out of there in such a rush, but the whole "getting [...]

Google Calendar Quick Add

When Google Calendar went public a couple days ago, I finally got to abandon my Yahoo! account for good, which doesn't pain me one little bit.  Nice interface, kind of rough in places, but it's brand friggin' new, so it's expected.  Fortunately, I was able to export/import all my events from Yahoo! directly into Google [...]

Application Modelling

For the past month or so, I've been largely immersed in modelling a totally new version of PIER.  I've done some modellling in the past, but never a soup-to-nuts model of a brand new application.  After getting most of the domain model's class diagrams fleshed out, and starting to go back over it fixing problems, [...]

Neuromancer Update

Rob did a bunch of work with Neuromancer last night, including appying a nice template to the site, setting up a wiki (available from the site), and committing a bunch of changes that he'd made since the 0.6.0beta was released in December, but which hadn't made it into Subversion yet.  Finally, he added automated nightly [...]

GTalk Enabled

I'm now GTalk enabled with my actual IM client (gaim), rather than just inside the GMail interface (which doesn't work very well).  So if you want to message me, my username is bboisvert, and I'll probably actually respond!  I can also be reached on ICQ at 4965668, AIM at se7777777n, MSN at barneyboisvert@hotmail.com, and (unfortunately) [...]

Graph Limits Solution

After a little discussion in the comments of my previous entry that ended up with me having a long explanatory conversation with myself, I hit upon a solution that seems to be a good one.  In a nutshell, I needed to stop caring about the specific number of horizontal gridlines dividing the range, and just [...]