November 2005

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I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my main app using ClearSilver,
and it's really slick. In a nutshell, it's a presentation layer (view)
for an MVC-style application.  Your controller (the 'C') uses the
model/backend (the 'M') to create a dataset that it passes to
ClearSilver (the 'V') to render the actual page.
This is a good idea for several [...]


My family and I are finally moving to Portland.  As some of you
know, I've been pursuing gainful employment in Portland for a while
now, and have found it.  Surprisingly, I don't even have to switch
jobs.  I'll continue to work for my current employer, AudienceCentral,
just remotely.  This will work well for them, since I'm a very
valuable asset [...]

Apache/SSL on OSX

I've been running Apache 2 from Server Logistics
on my PowerBook for quite a while now, and never had issues.  But
tonight I needed to set up an SSL host for some testing, and couldn't
get it to work.  Turns out there some weirdness with the SSL mutex
stuff, and there's an easy fix.  Just add
AcceptMutex    flock
to your httpd.conf, [...]