September 2004

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FB & CFCs Presentation and Example code

After numerous requests, I finally got my presentation from the FB conference, along with the example code, zipped up and available for download. It should also be posted on the conference web site, but I'm not exactly sure where.

More from the Conference

While I was at the conference, I also had the opportunity to work with John Quarto von Tividar on some fundamental changes to the way the FB core files work. The mods will make the guts of the core files much simpler, make the new custom lexicon features that are being demoed in the [...]

2004 FB Conference

I went to the 2004 Fusebox Conference over the weekend, and had a good time. It was held in Rockville, MD, which is somewhere around 20 miles northwest of Washington DC. Nice to see everyone face to face again, and meet various people who I'd not met before.
I also had the privilege of [...]

Counter Computer

Amid the rush to get my presentation for the FB conference finished, I also started working on building me a little computer for the bar at our house. I'm planning to mount it inside a dead corner in the cabinets, and hang a monitor from the overhead cupboards, mounted with a super-slick fold-up hinge [...]