April 2005

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XPath, xmlSearch, and Namespaces

I've been doing a bunch of XML stuff over the past few days, and ran
into an interesting issue.  If you have a default namespace
defined in a document that you're going to run xmlSearch on, you have
to respect that namespace.  What does that mean?  You need to
prefix your element names with a colon.  Take these three [...]

Fusedocer Updated

A long while ago, I wrote a utility called Fusedocer that parses a Fusebox 3 application and generated per-fuse documentation similar to the way JavaDoc works. It was quite useful at the time, but since I moved to Fusebox 4, I'd almost forgotten about it. Turns out people are still using it though, [...]

Watch out for Inherited Meta Data

I've been working on a project that makes heavy use of metadata over
the past few weeks and just got bit hard by a little quirk with
metadata.  Metadata is created on the first call to getMetaData()
for a given CFC type, and then cached for quicker subsequent
recall.  That's a good thing.  However, you can run into
issues with [...]


Ever wanted to do a list loop inside a CFSCRIPT block?  I mean,
you can already loop over an array or a structure just as easily as you
can with tags, why not a list?  Well, for some reason Macromedia
decided that capability wasn't particularly important, but you can work
around it using function variables.
runningTotal = 0;
listLoop("1,2,3", loopBody);
function [...]