Wow Am I UGLY!!

Yeah, so apparently WordPress 2.9 totally broke K2.  My apologies for the horrific appearance of the site, though I'm delighted to say the admin area still looks awesome!  Or something.  I'll get it fixed here shortly, I promise….

UPDATE: apparently WordPress not only deprecated `attribute_escape`, they also changed it's functionality (despite it's widespread use in the app) to no longer correctly process arrays.  I don't know.  In any case, replacing a couple instances of it within K2 with an `array_map` application of `esc_attr` fixed it.  The actual problem was that the BODY classes weren't being correctly generated, thereby throwing off all the CSS selectors.

UPDATE 2: I've been wanting to get away from K2 for a while.  It was awesome, but now it's kind of broken.  And upgrading to 1.0.3 left me with all kinds of weirdness.  So I kicked it to the curb, and am going to be starting afresh.  Should be good.

UPDATE 3: So I've obviously reskinned.  For an hour of hakcing a previously-unknown theme's CSS I'm pretty happy, but definitely still pretty rough around the edges.  But it's good enough, so now it's time for dinner.

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