April 2008

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FlexChart Updates

The past month or so has seen quite a few improvements and bug fixes to FlexChart, though I haven't blogged about any of them.  Most notably, there was a weird NPE that manifested itself when loading a Pie chart via FlashVars.  For some unknown reason, Flex/Flash didn't give any indication the error was occurring, it just silently [...]

New SSL Certificate

I installed a new "real" SSL certificate today, instead of the self-signed ones I've been using for the past few years.  It's the cheap model, but it's recognized by both IE and Firefox, which is an improvement.  Unfortunately, Eclipse doesn't recognize the CA, so you still get prompts there if you connect to my SVN.

Data Mining With Weka

I've a large application that has a as a major component rank-based prioritization of assets. Users rank the assets on a one-to-five scale, and then that rank data is used to select other assets of interest for the user. If you've seen Amazon's "Recommended for you" or Netflix's recommended titles, you get the [...]

I Sense AdSense

After the merciless hounding of Joshua, along with some of my own curiosity, I added AdSense ads to my blog this weekend.  My plan is to leave them there until the end of May, and then remove them.  I can't imagine there's even close to sufficient potential income to justify the ugly factor, but perhaps [...]

The Best of the Best

Eight and a half years ago, I posted the 26th best mid-season time for the NCAA men's 200 Freestyle.  That was as close as I ever got to being the best of the best.  I figure that's pretty good; roughly the 99.999997th percentile of college-age men.  Three and a half weeks later, I quit competitive [...]

Get Your ColdSpring (et al)!

For those of you not in the know, ColdSpring is a port of the Spring framework (for Java) to ColdFusion.  It provides an Inversion of Control (IoC) framework and an Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) container for CFCs.  If you used stateful CFCs, you should be using ColdSpring.  Period.
But that's not why I'm writing.
I am absolutely [...]

Ajaxian on Prototype vs JQuery

Ajaxian posted a little blurb on benchmarking Prototype and jQuery today. I've been a Prototype guy for years, but at the office we've gone from all-Prototype to all-jQuery, and performance degredation was one of the things I noticed. I never did any actual benchmarking, just went by feel, but it's interesting to see [...]

WordPress Upgrade

WordPress Upgrade

Just finished upgrading to WordPress 2.5, the latest K2 nightly, and a few other plugins. All went pretty smoothly, except my custom K2 style needed some tweaks to the CSS due to some selector changes in K2's markup. They've done some nice things with the admin UI, and the new Admin Drop Down [...]

Build-Time Aggregation of JS/CSS Assets

Ben Nadel posted about compiling multiple linked files (JS/CSS) into a single file this morning, and he does it at runtime. I commented about doing it at build-time instead, and a couple people were wondering more, so here's a brief explaination.
The first part is a properties file (which can be read by both Ant [...]

S3 is Sweet (One App Down)

This weekend I ported my big filesystem-based app to S3, and it went like a dream. It's a image-management application, with all the actual images stored on disk. In addition to the standard import/edit/delete, the app provides automatic on-the-fly thumbnail generation, along with primitive editing capabilities (crop, resize, rotate, etc.). With images [...]