August 2006

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I've used Mollio on two projects now, and I have to say I'm really impressed.  The guys down at Daemon have done a great service to web developers at large by releasing Mollio as they have.  I can't say I particularly care for the red/black theme, but it's consistent, attractive, and unless you've got branding [...]

Get Firefox – Piss Off

After much griping about my Get Firefox banner, I've added a 'piss off' (read: opt-out) link to the banner that will set a cookie so you won't see it again for 30 days.  After that, it'll tell you you still need a better  browser, but you can, of course, opt out again, ad nauseam.

CSS and Get Firefox

Everyone knows that browser compatibility is the bane of web developers.  If it's not a CSS bug or some DOM incompatibility, it's a plugin version issue (what's that, you say?  I'm thinking of something that starts with 'F' and ends with 'lex'….).  So help people put their best foot forward with a neat little CSS [...]

floatToFraction UDF

Someone on CF-Talk just asked about converting floating point numbers back to decimals.  Always one to enjoy a little abstract thought on a random topic during my lunch, I threw together a solution:
function floatToFraction(num, maxDenom) { var denom = ""; var numer = ""; var intPart = fix(num); var sigFigs = [...]

ColdFusion and Java

No, this is not "that" post.
Since my post a while back about the new features of Java 5 (or Java 2 1.5 5.0 SE, or whatever the hell it's called), Sean Corfield and I have had a couple IM discussions about languages, development environments, developer mindset, tool support, frameworks, and various other things.
We were talking [...]


Over at Damon Cooper's blog, he's soliciting comments on the ultimate CF IDE.  What surprised me was the number of requests for a CF debugger.  CF Studio had one, way back in the day, and apparently people still miss it.
On a similar note, I've been doing a lot of Java development in Eclipse of late, [...]