I'm WPTouch Enabled

Over lunch I installed the WPTouch plugin to provide a iPhone OS-like interface for those of you who want to read site on your phone but not with the full layout.  Mmobile devices will still see the normal layout by default; you must enable the new interface using the toggle in the footer.  Once toggled, subsequent visits will continue to use the mobile interface.  The plugin works by intercepting requests and completely subverting the configured theme and replacing it with a mobile-specific layout.

When I did the real layout for the site I considered mobile devices, picking a font size and column width that I thought reasonable to read in landscape mode on an iPhone-sized screen.  As well as meaning less work and providing a more consistent interface, PRE-formatted code renders without being sliced off to the right, which is a big win over the mobile interface.

No question, neither one is perfect, but the choice is now yours.

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