January 2006

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Atomic Commits to Version Control

As many know, I'm a strong (tee-hee) advocate of version control.  For everything.  Code, of course, configuration files, my GNUCash datafile, etc.  Basically, if it's important, and it's not several gigs of photos, music, or video, it's in version control.  Seems like overkill for a lot of things, but at the very least, it allows [...]

Persistance CFC Generators

Last week a couple friends (Sim and Chris) and I were taking about persistence mechanisms and the benefits of each.  Obviously there's the inline SQL route, which is the more performant, and the most cumbersome to maintain.  At the other end are abstract persistence frameworks such as Arf! or Reactor which are designed for ease [...]

Firefox 1.5 Setup

I like Firefox.  A lot.  Enough to want to run three
copies concurrently, each with different options and different
purposes.  One for work, one for my personal stuff, and one for
some monitoring apps.  Main differences include two different
GMail sessions, some different prefs for auto find, and completely
different bookmarks, of course.
With 1.0.7, the setup was simple.  Just create [...]

I'm Back!

The move is over, I've got an internet connection again, and life is
returning to normal.  All in all, the move went pretty well, and
we've pretty much got the house unpacked.  There's some boxes
still lingering, but most of them are stuff that we don't really need
(Christmas decorations, LEGOs, etc.).
I'll eventually fall back
into a routine, hopefully blogging [...]