May 2008

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FB3 Lite Updates

After 6 months of use in the wild, I decided to consolidate and republish a couple mods I've made to the framework. The core functionality is unchanged, so for background, check my original post from last year. The enhancements, in no particular order, are as follows:

Changed the config at the top of index.cfm [...]

Design Patterns in Dynamic Langauges

I went to the Portland JUG meeting this evening to hear Neal Ford talk about design patterns in dynamic languages. Unlike Joshua Marinacci a couple months ago, Neal actually seemed to understand what he was talking about, which was a relief. He gave a quick run-through of dynamic vs. static languages (or [...]

Google Search Update

After converting to Google Search and giving Google a chance to get everything active, ads stared appearing on the results.  That's part of the deal for getting free search, so they were expected, but after seeing them, I realized the layout wasn't too hot.  With both my sidebar and the ads, the top couple search [...]

Google Site Search

After frustrations with the K2/WordPress search on my site, I've switched to Google custom search.  I'd never really used the built-in stuff, but when I was setting up my project pages, I did a bunch of searching, and it just didn't seem to work very smoothly.  In particular, you have to manually URL-escape your search [...]

Checkbox Range Selection Update

Just a little update to my checkbox range selection jQuery plugin to allow chaining.  I'd forgotten to return 'this' at the end of the function.  Here's the full source, including the mod:
(function($) {
$.fn.enableCheckboxRangeSelection = function() {
var lastCheckbox = null;
var $spec = this;

My Projects Page

I've just added a simple projects page for the projects that I blog about here.  There you should be able to find a comprehensive list of projects and their updates from my blog.  It's a one-stop shop for the stuff I write.  I've often considered the best solution for managing all that, and decided simplest [...]

AmazonS3.cfc Update

I've updated my AmazonS3 CFC to include local caching of files. The new source is available here: amazons3.cfc.txt, or visit the project page.  The only public API change from the first version is the addition of an optional third parameter to the init method for specifying the local directory to use as a cache. [...]

Prototype's Array.any/all with jQuery

I needed to convert a couple Array.any() and Array.all() calls (from Prototype) to jQuery syntax. Since jQuery doesn't extend the built-in objects with nice functionality like this, you have to fake it. Here's what I came up with. Old version ('images' is an array):
images.all(function(o){return o.status == "ready";})
and the new version:
jQuery.inArray(false,, [...]

Use ColdFusion? Use Java.

If you use ColdFusion (or another Java-based CFML runtime), you should be using Java. There's a reason that CF uses Java under the hood: Java is incredibly powerful. Yes the interface to Java from the CF level is cumbersome and creating hybrid CF/Java applications pretty much costs you CF's RAD capabilities, but there [...]

Prototype and jQuery

Since I discovered it a few years ago, I've been a big Prototype fan.  It's simple, and gets the job done with a minimum of fuss.  It's not without warts, of course.  I still occasionally forget to put 'new' in front of Ajax.Request, and some of the Ruby-like methods share their lineage's arcane naming.  When [...]