February 2007

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Great Video

Not work safe (unless you've got headphones), but a great video none the less.  Very creative.

TurboTax Browser Validation

I've used TurboTax Online to do my taxes for a number of years now, and quite like it.  This year, I noticed one really well-designed feature: browser validation.
If you've never used the app, the client side is a very js/css/remoting heavy HTML interface.  It's probably the best RIAs I've used, and it's been of that [...]

cf.objective 2007 Session Listing

Jared has posted a partial cf.objective 2007 session listing on the conference site.

Ajax (sigh) Pet Peeve

I've finally given up and added 'ajax' to my vocabulary as a synonym for "JS remoting".  But I've got a bone to pick with people building ajax apps: neat UI trickery has to leave the UI in a consistent state or you're making the UI worse instead of better.
The particular example that is continually annoying [...]

WordPress Upgrade

Just applied WordPress 2.1 to the blog, with basically no issues, which is awesome.  Also, as you can see, I've switched to a Mollio-based layout, rather than the WordPress-specific on that I was using before.  That'll let me skin the site (along with the various other ones I multi-host) with just CSS, rather than having [...]