Holy Cock Pants, Batman!

So after getting my dose of bagpipes for the evening, I was playing on Kim's computer and discovered there is exactly one page in Google's index containing the phrase ""holy cock pants, batman!"
Aside from the obvious awesomeness of the phrase, I was rather surprised to find a relatively short phrase with exactly one instance in [...]

Wow Am I UGLY!!

Yeah, so apparently WordPress 2.9 totally broke K2.  My apologies for the horrific appearance of the site, though I'm delighted to say the admin area still looks awesome!  Or something.  I'll get it fixed here shortly, I promise….
UPDATE: apparently WordPress not only deprecated `attribute_escape`, they also changed it's functionality (despite it's widespread use in the [...]

Subclipse 1.6's AWESOME New Commit Dialog

I just upgrade to Subclipse 1.6 and it has an awesome new feature: diffs right in the commit dialog.  It seemed a common use case for myself that when it came time to commit, I'd open my commit dialog and cycle through the files writing my commit message in Kate because I couldn't type while [...]

Irish Tunes means Irish Whiskey

At least according to Pandora.  I've not noticed music-tuned ads before, so maybe it's just a coincidence, but interesting none the less.  Or I'm just drunk and wishing I'd gone to Lacuna Coil and Disturbed with certain other CF guys.

Don't Forget to Bounce Sendmail

When you change the hostname of your computer, you need to do two things: add a local alias to Sendmail's config and restart sendmail.  I'm pretty sure I've forgotten step two every time I've set up a new box, and my new server was no exception.  Fortunately, I finally remembered that that was the problem [...]

Watch Your Column Types

I've been bit by this twice in the past few months: comparing database columns that aren't the same type is really really expensive.  If you've only got a few rows, no big deal, but if you've got a few hundred thousand (or a few tens of millions) it makes a huge difference.  And varchar is [...]

OBD is On The Ball

Both of the bugs I found in Open BlueDragon while working on CFGroovy have been fixed.  Yay for being on the ball.  The bugs were that CFDIRECTORY didn't recurse if you used a filter and that numberFormat didn't accept java.math.BigDecimal as a valid number.

Open Pandora

Based on several suggestions after my last post, I gave OpenPandora another try.  So far it's been pretty stable and handles the new player layout correctly.  Nice to have my keyboard shortcuts back, though it does occasionally throw up "do you want to debug this error" dialogs (from Visual Studio, I'm guessing?).  But working well [...]

Pandora Bookmarklet

Ever since Pandora prevented accessing the miniplayer directly a few months ago, I've been using a little bookmarklet to fake it.  Set as my IE homepage (about the only thing I use IE for) and put the bookmarklet in my links bar to click immediately after launch.  Net result: a perfectly sized window, hiding [...]

Awesomest Code Ever

I found this uncommitted change to a file on one of our shared dev servers today:
<CFIF IsDefined("request.traceactive")><CFELSE><CFSET request.traceactive = "false"/></CFIF>
<CFSET request.traceactive = 'false'/>
I don't even know where to start…