June 2006

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CFEclipse 1.3 Beta

So I went to download the CFEclipse 1.3 beta today, and much to my chagrin, it requires Eclipse 3.2, which isn't even an official Eclipse release yet.  I really wanted the dynamic autocompletion stuff, but having to rebuilt my entire Eclipse installation is hardly worth it.  Maybe once it goes gold, but not for a [...]

Mike's 6:45am Phone Call

If your name is Mike, you called me at 6:45 am Pacific time and said something about queries of queries and then gave me your phone number, please call me back.  In my sleepy stupor failed to write down the number correctly, and calling it just says "the call cannot be completed as dialed".

All Hail Java 5

If you do any Java development and are stuck with Java 1.4, my condolences.  Java 5 is so amazingly better, and in relatively inconspicious ways.  For those of you not in the know, here's a highlight:

Generics: I've been waiting for these in Java since my undergraduate days down at the University of Arizona.  Roughly analogous [...]

An Apple a Day…

Round N in the Barney vs. Apple battle played out this evening.  Far less significant than my unending PowerBook issues (grey screens, refusal to accept RAM, etc.), but annoying none the less.
I "won" an iPod shuffle down at the Wild Kingdom exhibit the Rose Festival last week, and installed iTunes on my PC (which is [...]