September 2008

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Application.cfc Mappings Gotcha

If you use Application.cfc mappings on Adobe CF, watch out.  If your mapping names contain only alphanumerics, the leading slash is optional.  However, if the name contains other characters (like an underscore), then you HAVE to use the leading slash or it won't resolve.  Ran into this on an app where my "coldspring" mapping worked [...]

FlexChart Update

Been a long while since I've made any updates to FlexChart, and this is only a minor one, but it's potentially important.  Since it's designed to be used in JavaScript applications, data tips and click events are all processed by JavaScript (not ActionScript).  When I'd created the data tip callbacks, I'd neglected to considered the [...]

Even More Groovy

I have a confession to make.  My neat little code counter utility is partially a lie.  I wrote the entire thing as a single Groovy script, and only split it up into individual files for each class to release it.  271 lines of code (419 if you count the blank lines) simply does not justify [...]

More Groovy Goodness

Yesterday afternoon, I was talking to a friend about one of my apps, and he asked about how big the app was.  I had no idea, and thought I'd write a little app to figure it out for me.  Oh how easy Groovy makes things.  The basic idea was to build a simple parser to [...]


Per Mark:

The Rules:

Take a picture of yourself right now
Don't fix your hair, don't change your clothes, just take the picture
Post that picture with no editing
Post these instructions with the picture

I do this every day, meme or not.  See the stream, or get it as RSS.

CF Groovy Preso

Last night I talked at the PDX RIA group about using Groovy to extend CFML applications and better leverage some of the benefits that Java has to offer (in addition to the benefits Groovy itself brings).  Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties, but the presentation was recorded on Connect, and can be accessed at  [...]

Why, Microsoft, Why?

I've had the unfortunate luck to partially inherit sysadmin duties for the web team at Mentor (along with Joshua) after one our coworkers left.  While I don't necessarily mind a sysadmin role, almost all of the infrastructure is Windows.  The sole exception is our Subversion server, which is Linux, and only because I migrated everything [...]

Stream Layouts

No, I'm not talking about those things full of water running down the mountainside, I'm talking about how you assemble a full HTML (or whatever) page from a webapp.  Being a Trac user, I've done a bit with Genshi, and then with Grails used SiteMesh, both of which are stream-based engines.  I'd always though the [...]

Groovy Preso on Connect

My Groovy presentation next week for the PDX RIA will also be available online (via Connect) at  A recording will be available as well, but that URL isn't available until afterwards.  I'll post it after the meeting, along with my materials.

Groovy at PDXRIA

Next Thursday (Sept 11) I'll be presenting at the PDX RIA group (formerly CFUG) about Groovy.  Someone (cough…Simeon…cough) hasn't updated the site with the new info, but rest assured that it's happening.  As you might imagine, I'll be talking about my CF Groovy framework, but I'll also be talking about JVM language integration in general, [...]