May 2005

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Revenge of the Dragon, pt II

Couple more little glitches as the app has continued to be tested:
I mistyped 'reqeustTimeout' [sic] in a CFSETTING tag.  BD didn't
complain, and I didn't catch it, because the extra time for the request
never happened to be needed, but CF threw a syntax error immediately.
BD 6.2 puts the CFFILE result struct from uploads into local variable
(if [...]

Fusebox 4.1 Lexicons

I was the presenter at the Portland, OR CFUG last week, and the
topic was Fusebox 4.1.  One of the big points of interest was
custom lexicons, so I thought I'd share a couple examples here as well.
4.x is based around an XML grammar (composed of individual verbs, much
like CFML is composed of CF tags) for describing [...]

Revenge of the Dragon

I know what you're saying: "please, not more whining."  Well
rest assured that this isn't that kind of a post.  Yes, I ran into
some more problems with BD's compatibility with CFMX last night, but
I'm not bitter, I swear.  I took an app that I'd written for BD
and was moving it to CF7 this evening and found [...]

The Musical Meme

Thanks to my dear friend Simeon, who not only sent me this, but pressured me into actually doing it.   Grumble…..
Total Volume (of my MP3 library): 5.32 GB
Last CD Bought: No idea, been too long.  Probably Billy Joel's Greatest Hits Vol. III

Song Playing Right Now:
"Save Me" – Aimee Mann

Five Songs I Listen To a [...]


Say I have code like this (intentionally left incomplete):
<cffunction name="myMethod" …>
  <cfargument name="item" … required="true" />
  <cfargument name="childList" … required="false"
    default="#getChildList(" />
  … do some stuff …

Now you'd hope that CF wouldn't actually execute the getChildList
method unless it the variable was missing, but from the structure of
code, you might expect it to anyway.  Fortunately, [...]