May 2006

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More Batik Goodness

Last October I posted about using ColdFusion and Batik together to convert dynamically generated SVG content into PNGs for easier consumption. Well thanks to a little more digging and a post by Christian Cantrell, I've improved upon it further.
context = getPageContext();
response = context.getResponse().getResponse();
transcoder = [...]

EmailReader Details

Nathan Strutz commented on my last post about EmailReader that he didn't "get" it.  Looking back, I realized I didn't bother to communicate it's purpose very clearly in my post, so here's another one that should do a better job.
EmailReader is designed for being run from a scheduled task to do "something", where "something" is [...]

New and the Power of Flash

As is old news by now, the new is live, and they've done a great job.  In my mind, definitely eclipsing either the old or in terms of design.  However, the demons of Flash bite again, and come with a huge helping of irony since Adobe is the purveyor:

EmailReader CFC 0.1 Nearing Completion

The first feature complete version of my EmailReader component is nearing completion.  I've got it all working with the exception of attachment and message deletion, and it's looking pretty nice.
I'd originally planned on making it an "abstract" base class that you would extend to add your application-specific functionality.  However, like so many initial designs, further [...]