Migration Complete!

This morning I cut and all it's associated properties over from my old CentOS 5 box at to a new Amazon Linux "box" in Amazon Web Service's us-east-1 region.  Migration was pretty painless.  I followed the "replace hardware with cloud resources" approach that I advocate and have spoken on at various places.  The [...]

Route 53 API Regression

If you're using Route 53, the latest revision of the API (2011-05-05) changed the casing of the 'name' and 'type' parameters for paged listings.  Previously (in version 2010-10-01) they were 'Name' and 'Type'.  Unfortunately, it appears that the casing change has leaked backwards to the old API version.  So if you're doing paged listings anywhere, [...]

Minor AmazonS3.cfc Bug Fix

Today I identified a subtle bug with the listObjects method of AmazonS3.cfc dealing with delimiters.  If you supply a prefix that ends with a trailing delimiter, certain paths would be returned partially truncated.  Removing the trailing delimiter solves the issue, so there's an easy workaround, but I've added a snippet to take care of that [...]

Amazon S3 CFC Update – Now With Listings!

I've added two new methods to my Amazon S3 CFC: listBuckets and listObjects.  Both of them do about what you'd expect, returning a CFDIRECTORY-esque recordset object containing the rows you are interested in.  I've attempted to make S3 appear like a "normal" filesystem where "/" is S3 itself, the top-level directories are your buckets, and [...]

Amazon CloudFront CFC

Amazon CloudFront is a CDN that sits atop their S3 file hosting service to provide caching and geographically dispersed delivery.  It's all very simple, except security.  Much like my Amazon S3 CFC's original goal, my new Amazon CloudFront CFC's primary purpose is to ease the creation of signed URLs for CloudFront.  You can grab a [...]

AmazonS3.cfc Update

I've updated my AmazonS3 CFC to include local caching of files. The new source is available here: amazons3.cfc.txt, or visit the project page.  The only public API change from the first version is the addition of an optional third parameter to the init method for specifying the local directory to use as a cache. [...]

S3 is Sweet (One App Down)

This weekend I ported my big filesystem-based app to S3, and it went like a dream. It's a image-management application, with all the actual images stored on disk. In addition to the standard import/edit/delete, the app provides automatic on-the-fly thumbnail generation, along with primitive editing capabilities (crop, resize, rotate, etc.). With images [...]

My Amazon Toolkit (Thus Far)

I'm early in the move to Amazon, of course, but already some specific tools are indispensable.  I'm sure the list will grow, but here's where I'm at right now:

S3Sync – A simple rsync-like command line tool (called 's3sync') for syncing stuff from a computer to S3 or the reverse.  Also includes the 's3cmd' tool that [...]

Amazon S3 URL Builder for ColdFusion

First task for my Amazon move is getting data assets (non-code-managed files) over to S3. I have a variety of types of data assets that need to move and have references updated, most of which require authentication. To make that easier, I wrote a little UDF to take care of building urls with [...]

Moving to the Amazon

I'm in the process of switching my hosting from a dedicated box at over to Amazon EC2 and S3. Based on my estimates, the costs will be slightly higher per month ($60/mo right now, $75-80/mo post move), but the benefits are significant:

Using S3 for all my backups and data storage will definitely give [...]