February 2004

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Living Mac

So, the tech today figured it out. One of my sticks of RAM was bad, and it was screwing things up. Pulled it out and everything seems to be back to normal. Bastards at MacMall, after shipping the computer all over hell and back (3 wrong addresses), were kind enough to throw [...]

Still a Dead Mac

After leaving my PowerBook at the Apple store in Portland all day, it's still hosed. They can't figure out what the heck is wrong with it. It's now gone through 6 separate installs of OS X from a formatted disk since Friday, and it's still dead. Hopefully the saga will play itself [...]

Dead Panther

After installing the Safari 1.2 update a couple days ago, my PowerBook has been doing nothing but bad things. 1 in 4 or so web pages cause Safari to crash (including Apple's web site), drag and drop causes Finder to crash, and checking email causes Mail to crash.
So I reformatted and reinstalled the entire [...]


I thought I'd throw a link up here to SETI@Home, which I've been participating in for quite a while now. The project is a distributed system to analyze the data collected by the Arecibo radio telescope down in Puerto Rico (I believe). You sign up, download a client and when your computer isn't [...]

Flash MX'04 Pro

I was playing around with Flash MX '04 Pro, particularly the WebServiceConnector to set up a little browser for PIER. Pretty slick, all in all, especially the stock GUI components that Macromedia provides. However, there didn't seem to be a way to bind a BomboBox directly to a DataSet, unless you happened to [...]

And Then There Were Two

As the initial hubub died down regarding Lindsay, I realized that there is probably going to be a lot of stuff I want to post that will not be of any interest to most people. I decided, therefore, to split the blog in two. The Boisvert Life will continue to be fo a [...]