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Fixing CF DB Error Messages

Fixing CF DB Error Messages

When you're working on someone else's code and you get an error message (because I know you'd never write code that errors), CF usually does a pretty good job of giving you the info you need to debug the issue.  But for some reason they don't show you query parameters, even though they're included in [...]

Where Are The CTRL-S, ALT-TAB, F5 Web Frameworks?

Ok, people, where are all the web frameworks that will give me a CTRL-S, ALT-TAB, F5 workflow?  As I've been shopping around, it seems everything requires more than that.  Some places you can script the additional steps into the refresh, but not always.  Am I the only person that doesn't want to have a million [...]

Rebuilding Pic of the Day

I need some help, thoughts, recommendations as I undertake this, but first some background…
As I do every 15-18 months, I've decided that it's time to rebuild Pic of the Day.  I've never actually done it; the codebase is still the same one I started 5-6 years ago and have edited (often daily) since then.  But [...]


Just in case you didn't come to my talk on leveraging Groovy in your CFML applications at CFUnited, I wanted to share this simple CFM page I demoed:
<cfimport prefix="g" taglib="cfgroovy2″ />
myArray = [
<!— thanks Groovy —>
<!— thanks Quercus —>
<g:script lang="php">