Speed vs. Cadence Chart

Just deployed a new Speed vs. Cadence chart on  The chart is rather tangential to the ongoing development of the site (as rendering it cleanly requires significant manual babying of the data, both during recording and for selecting what to present), so it probably won't get updated again.  But it was a good exercise [...] Has Content!

I finally got the import and summarization routines done for, and the initial data model is fully populatable (yes, I know that's not a word) from MotionBased transport packets.  That opens the door to finally start visualizing stuff, which is awesome.  First thing was plotting a speed vs. cadence chart, which is currently displayed [...]

JavaScript. At Last.

Working on this evening, and whipped open my favorite chunk of JS: Prototype. It just gets better all the time. They've added support for automatically executing text that is returned from an Ajax.Request with an appropriate MIME type (like text/javascript), which means you don't even need result handlers. Just dispatch to [...]

Back from Vacation

As you may have surmised, I've been on vacation, and a glorious vacation it was. As always with the Boisverts, good food was plentiful. Even with a significantly more active lifestyle than my usual state of existence, I'm sure I gained weight. But as nice as it is, it's always nice to [...]