May 2004

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JFission 0.2rc1

The 0.2 release of JFission is imminent. A release candidate has been made available on the download page, and it will probably be renamed directly into the official 0.2 release. The online documentation and examples has been updated to reflect the changes and additions.

More Changes

Well, I'm about to start the switch from connecting Apache and Tomcat with mod_rewrite to using mod_jk, which should yield much greater performance, as well has handle redirects properly (which mod_rewrite doesn't seem to, even with following the manual word for word). I'm also taking over mail and DNS hosting for all the domains [...]

Mail and DNS

I finally got a mail server (SMTP and POP) running on here, using a really nice "toaster" from Bill Shupp. The Courier (IMAP server) doesn't seem to work, but I know little about IMAP, and I didn't plan on using it, so I didn't spend much time troubleshooting.
I can now officially be reached at [...]

CF Error Template

After long-standing frustration with certain aspects of the CF error templates, I finally took some time to build in the display of CFQUERYPARAM values on database exceptions. I've packaged up the files you need to run the modified templates and made them available for download.
Bug reports can be submitted through the Email Me form, [...]

JFission 0.1 Implemented

I got the 0.1 functionality of JFission fully implemented and it has passed all the JUnit tests, which is promising. It's not yet running on my real server, but it's on my dev box and running like a champ. I'm working on updating the docs and then I'll put it up here for [...]