August 2005

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Neuromancer Extension

I've used Neuromancer
(from Rob Rohan)
on several projects, and I finally decided to implement form posts, in
addition to the raw posts that it already supports.  Like it
should be with a well designed library, adding the new functionality
was a snap.  I forwarded the changes to Rob, and I'd expect them
to be in the next Neuromancer release, which [...]

Weird MySQL INSERT Quirk

I wrote an INSERT query today (for the first time in months), and
missed a comma between two of my values.  I also missed one of the
columns in the column list, so there while there was an extra value,
two of them weren't separated by a comma.  Something like this (though with CFQUERYPARAM, of course):

Welcome Emery Isaac!

On Friday morning, my wife gave birth to our second child, Emery Isaac Boisvert. 
8 pounds, 1 ounce, 20.5 inches long, and with thick black hair. 
Mom and baby are doing well, as came home from the hospital this

Connector/J 3 Gotcha

As is pretty common knowledge, CFMX 6, CFMX 7, and BD all ship with
JDBC drivers for MySQL 3.x.  There have been several posts (here's
one from Steven Erat)
about installing MySQL Connector/J 3.x, which is the driver for MySQL
4.x.  In particular, it supports the new authentication scheme
that was introduced in the 4 series.
I've done this on several
servers [...]