OBD is On The Ball

Both of the bugs I found in Open BlueDragon while working on CFGroovy have been fixed.  Yay for being on the ball.  The bugs were that CFDIRECTORY didn't recurse if you used a filter and that numberFormat didn't accept java.math.BigDecimal as a valid number.

CFGroovy Updates

I made a bunch of updates to CFGroovy tonight, mostly centered around two main objectives:

refocus on the original objective, inline Groovy scriptlets
support Open BlueDragon

The first objective is based on my experience developing the last couple apps I've used CFGroovy on.  Hibernate is kickass, but neither of the apps used it; they only used CFGroovy for [...]

CFGroovy for Open BlueDragon!

Doing some hacking around this evening and got CFGroovy to successfully run simple scripits on Open BlueDragon 1.0.1.  It still doesn't support array/struct literals (WTF?) so the engine won't run in it's entirety, but the core integration flow works.  That's promising.  There are still a pile of issues to work out (like some major path-related [...]


As is typically the case, CFUNITED has a pair of themes.  There's the conference theme, which, as always, is helping CF coders become more empowered by learning about new things (OO, using CFCs, learning frameworks, etc.), and then there's the "backtheme".  This year it's all don't use only CF.  Adobe's integrating Hibernate into CF9, Railo [...]

CF Groovy

Those of you who remember CF Rhino will recognize the name for my latest little project. I whipped up a small proof-of-concept integration for Groovy into CF apps tonight while playing with some classloading issues within Groovy itself.
Groovy has a number of advantages for this type of integration of JavaScript, the biggest one being [...]

Revenge of the Dragon, pt II

Couple more little glitches as the app has continued to be tested:
I mistyped 'reqeustTimeout' [sic] in a CFSETTING tag.  BD didn't
complain, and I didn't catch it, because the extra time for the request
never happened to be needed, but CF threw a syntax error immediately.
BD 6.2 puts the CFFILE result struct from uploads into local variable
(if [...]

Revenge of the Dragon

I know what you're saying: "please, not more whining."  Well
rest assured that this isn't that kind of a post.  Yes, I ran into
some more problems with BD's compatibility with CFMX last night, but
I'm not bitter, I swear.  I took an app that I'd written for BD
and was moving it to CF7 this evening and found [...]

BD 6.2 Update

Vince from NA just provided some clarification on the 6.2 release and
RC expiration on the BD mailing list.  BD.NET is the only edition
that is set to expire on the 31st, and it doesn't expire, it just
reverts to developer edition.  The Java editions don't expire
based on dates, they expire based on the trial licenses (never for
free, [...]

BlueDragon 6.2 is Coming

The final release of BlueDragon 6.2 is due out "very, very soon,"
according to Vince from New Atlanta.  Perhaps more important to
those that have been using 6.2 RC is that the RC is set to expire on
March 31st, so you'll have to upgrade any systems to 6.2 before that
I'm excited to see what tweaks and fixes [...]

BlueDragon: Still Breathing Fire

BlueDragon continues to give me fits. CFEXECUTE (which I'm not sure – there is conflicting evidence – is supported on the Server edition) refuses to work correctly. No big deal, since launching a Process direct from the Runtime class is straightforward (I didn't need the IO streams, in this case). However, the [...]