July 2007

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readGZippedText() UDF

I needed to read in some gzipped text files from disk, so I wrote a little UDF to do it for me, and thought I'd share.  It uses Java to do the heavy lifting under the hood:
<cffunction name="readGZippedText" output="false" returntype="string">
<cfargument name="filename" type="string" required="true" />
<cfset var data = "" />
<cfset [...]

Schema Tool Update

Small update to the schema tool: it should now support MS SQL Server in addition to MySQL, courtesy of Joshua Frankamp. SQL Server doesn't have an unsigned int type and it requires a column list on INSERT statements. Based on his patch, I've fixed the syntax so that it'll work on both platforms [...]

After a Day on the Edge

After a day of using my new Edge, a couple thoughts:

As expected, the distance/speed measurements are slightly low, because it assumes traveling in a straight line between checkpoints, so you lose a little bit of distance going around corners.  Compared with my "normal" computer that uses a wheel sensor, the error is about 1.5%, though [...]

My New Toy (and a Bug Fix)

As if I were lacking on the toy front, last night I picked up a Garmin Edge 305 bicycle computer. I'd been looking for a GPS data logger for a while, and this one is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. In addition to the time/lat/long/elevation track points, it also has a [...]

Google Browser Sync

If you're like me you use Firefox on a bunch of different computers, and often multiple profiles on a single computer.  Most of my settings I want to keep separate, but I wanted to keep my bookmarks synced across all my instances.  Enter Google Browser Sync, a little plugin that'll sync all kinds of settings [...]

Skinning Sliders Flex

I've been working with a custom Slider extension (which selects a range of elements from a dataProvider, rather than numerics, plus a couple other little things), and got to skinning it this afternoon.  One of the design specs required different images for the two sliders, both pointing towards each other (i.e. mirror images of each [...]

Bicycle Dashboard Again

Another relatively minor change: the charts now use a DateTimeAxis instead of a category axis.  This way temporal spacing is preserved, rather than just ordering, and the axis isn't as cluttered, because it can drop labels without affecting the display semantics.

My New New Bike

This weekend I picked up my new new bike, a Fuji Cross Comp.  The other bike just wasn't stiff enough.  To be fair, it was a huge frame and designed for comfort not rigidity.  This one, however, is like a friggin' rock.  I can't bend it at all, no matter how hard I crank on [...]

Outage Update – It's Actually Over

Turns out when I posted last night about the downtime being over, it was a lie.  I managed to hit a window where things worked pretty well, but there were issues through midday today.  Cari has confirmed that the issue has been addressed and no more problems anticipated.  Hopefully they're right.  ;)

More Downtime

Cari.net (where my server lives) had a massive DDoS attack against their network today, resulting in 5+ hours of effective downtime starting around 2pm PDT.  The server was responding, and some traffic managed to get through, but in general the network was swamped to the point of being dead for all intents and purposes.  Apologies [...]