October 2006

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Weird DST Issue

Question: When is 7 days ago not 168 hours ago?
Answer: When DST changes during the 7 days, in which case it's either 167 (in the spring) or 169 (in the fall) hours ago.
I've got some graphs that display the current day and a seven days in the past, but the x axis is actually built [...]

Google Notebook

For those of you not aware, Google Notebook is a little online notebook for keeping track of "stuff" while you're online.  What's kind of neat about it, however, is the way that you use it.  In addition to the main interface, you can get a browser plugin that will open a mini-interface on whatever page [...]

Subclipse vs. Subversive

To my knowledge, there are two free Eclipse plugins to use Subversion as a team provider: Subclipse and Subversive. I started out with Subclipse, but after Eclipse started crashing a lot when I moved from coding to team tasks, I pulled down Subversive to give it a whirl, hoping it would address the crashes. [...]

Software Licensing

My last post about my transaction management advice for ColdSpring spawned a little debate about licensing between Sean and I, and I'm curious for feedback from the community at large.
The crux of the debate is that I released the component under the GPL, which is very restrictive license that nearly disallows use in commercial products.  [...]

Transaction Advice

As I've alluded to a couple times, I've put together a transaction advice implmentation for ColdSpring that uses the built-in AOP framework to transactionalize your service method invocations.  No more CFTRANSACTION tags in your code, and no more having to jump through hoops to avoid nested transactions with delegating calls in your service layer.  Just [...]

Another ColdSpring Gotcha

Found another gotcha with ColdSpring yesterday.  Chris confirmed it as a bug on the mailing list, but thought I'd share here as well.  If you have a circular dependancy between two proxied beans, the dependancy is only "half" resolved.  That is, one bean will get a correctly proxied object injected, but the other will get [...]

A Couple ColdSpring AOP Gotchas

I've been playing with ColdSpring a little on one of my personal projects, and ran into a couple gotchas that I thought I'd share.
First, if you use dynamic default values on method arguments (e.g. <cfargument name="createDate" default="#now()#" />), when ColdSpring proxies that method, the default will be converted to "[runtime expression]".  This isn't ColdSpring's fault, [...]

Flash/Flex for Linux: it's BS!

Based on al the hubbub around Adobe making Flash/Flex stuff available for Linux, I have to comment that none of it is available for Linux.  It's available for Linux/i386, which is a totally different beast (Linux running on the i386 architecture).  It excludes Linux running on any other architecture (such as PPC or SPARC).
So please, [...]

Duck Typing

To this point, I've avoided much participation in the 'duck typing' discussions that seem to have pervaded the CF community for the past months.  But I saw this point on Dooce (which is a non-technical blog that just happened to be accidentally relevant) about it, and had to provide some commentary.
The narrative, while totally divorced [...]

Sign Language

Heather and I have two kids: Lindsay who will be three in January, and Emery who turned one in August.  Around a year of age, we taught both of them a few bits of sign language for when they had the mental capacity to communicate, but not the vocal control to do it aurally.  Nothing [...]