Goodbye JRun, Hello Tomcat

Last night I finally kicked JRun to the curb and replaced it with Tomcat on my personal server.  I knew JRun was a pig and that I'd get some improvements by switching, I'd just never gotten around to doing it.  I don't know why I waited.  Here are two graphs from my server, see if [...]

Improving the JSON/P Twitter Widget

For quite some time now I've had a sidebar widget that displays an excerpt of my Twitter feed on my blog.  It uses the standard Twitter JSON/P interface for loading the tweets and then a Twitter-provided script ( for rendering them on the page.  Unfortunately the default installation instructions would have you set up something [...]

"Dear God, Please Send..."

"Dear God, Please Send…"

There is humor here……

TwitterFeed Test Post

I seems that TwitterFeed has lost all knowledge of my blog for some reason.  They recently redid their whole everything, so maybe I got lost in the shuffle.  I can still log into my account, but my feed is no longer listed anywhere and while Twitter didn't, TwitterFeed forgot about my OAuth config.  But before [...]

My Anal Retentiveness

I hate what stuff breaks.  I'll admit to punting on occasion, but I really do try to avoid that whenever possible.  While doing the FeedBurner stuff I went looking for site references, and found one on ColdFusion Bloggers that was quite interesting.  I'm one of the aggregated feeds, as you'd probably imagine, and have been [...]

Now Running FeedBurner

I set up FeedBurner for my main blog XML feed this afternoon.  Pretty painless, and it appears that everything is all hunky-dory.  However I figured I'd mention it in case there are problems so you'll know why.
Here's the Apache config I used (wrapped for readability):
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT}
RewriteRule ^/barneyblog/(feed(/atom|/rss)?/?|wp-rss2?.php)$

Why [...]

GoodBye Misbehaving Spiders

Alright, all you misbehaving spiders that don't flush your DNS cache (I'm looking at you Yahoo! Slurp and Adobe Feeds), I'm killing my old box today.  So while currently you're transparently proxying through to the new one because you won't respect my TTLs in DNS, that's gonna stop.  Here's the list of user agents that [...]

Unindex Search Plugin

Even though I use Google Custom Search for my blog, I get a lot of WordPress's internal search results pages indexed by robots.  Didn't want that to happen anymore, so I wrote a simple plugin to address the issue.  Maybe someone will find it useful:
Plugin Name: Unindex Search
Plugin URI:
Description: Addes a NOINDEX meta tag [...]

I Love Apache

So after I got my new server online, I wanted to deal with my oversight on DSN TTLs.  Not surprisingly, mod_rewrite saved the day again.  First, since my old server is subject to the same TTLs, I added a record in my /etc/hosts file to point all of them at the new IP.  Then I [...]

Back Up

Back alive again. Pretty smooth, considering I'd done zero prep, and didn't even have ColdFusion or PHP installed 90 minutes before killing my Apache. I'm sure there will be all kinds of random little issues, but hopefully they're minimal since I by and large just rsynced everything across the wire.  I did manage to do [...]