July 2009

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FB3Lite Demo App

I've just created and published an exceptionally simple demo app for my FB3Lite framework.  The framework itself is what I feel to be a distillation of Fusebox 3, 4 and 5 down to it's essence, expressed using a, Fusebox 3-like syntax.  The demo is the classic "hello world" example, and can be downloaded as an [...]


UPDATE: Turns out ColdSpring already has this functionality via the 'includeMappedNames' property in recent versions.  The ColdSpring the app I was working on uses an older ColdSpring.  So if you have a recent version of ColdSpring, this CFC is irrelevant; use the built-in one.
If you use ColdSpring, chances are you've used it's AOP functionality, and [...]

Beware ColdFusion Floating Point Integers

Adobe ColdFusion uses java.lang.Double to represent numbers in most cases, and it's a floating point representation.  That means it stores a finite amount of precision about the number in question, and discards any bits beyond that.  The stored precision is relative to the magnitude of the number.  So if you ask it to store a [...]

CFGroovy 2 "Release"

CFGroovy 2 has been been released into the wild tonight as it's own project, separate from CFGroovy.  Read all about it on it's shiny new project page.  With the advent of CF9 and built-in ORM tooling, ongoing development with Hibernate integration seems wasteful.  Bugs will be fixed, since there are a fair number of sites [...]

CFGroovy 2 Has Moved

Until this evening, CFGroovy 2 has lived as a branch in the original CFGroovy project.  Now it has it's very own top-level directory.  So if you've any working copies and/or unpinned svn:externals pointed at
you'll need to switch them to point at
Apologies for any inconvenience this causes, but CFGroovy 2 really isn't a new version of [...]

TwitterFeed Test Post

I seems that TwitterFeed has lost all knowledge of my blog for some reason.  They recently redid their whole everything, so maybe I got lost in the shuffle.  I can still log into my account, but my feed is no longer listed anywhere and while Twitter didn't, TwitterFeed forgot about my OAuth config.  But before [...]