December 2005

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The Move is Official

Well, the move is officially underway.  Our current house
closed yesterday, we move to Portland tomorrow, and take custody of the
new house Saturday.  Unfortunately we can't get Internet access
until Thursday, so I'll be offline until then, but it's finally
happening, and then we'll be done with this god-forsaken packing
s**t.  ;)
Hope all had/are having good December-ish holidays, and [...]

Damn the DevNet META Tag

Once again, I've wasted an appreciable amount of time because of the
friggin' CF7 DevNet META tag, and basically come to the conclusion that
my DevNet subscription was a waste of cash.  I don't use Studio,
just the DevNet licensed CF, and I can't use CF7 in that capacity
because it makes non-HTML requests impossible without building in
special processing [...]

Quote of the Day

From Sean Corfield's .sig: 
"Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying
to find easier ways to do something."
– Robert Heinlein
Amen to that.


Ever wanted CFTIMER support on CF6?  I hadn't either until this
evening when I needed to some some code and it wasn't going to work to
do my standard start = gettickcount() … #gettickcount() – start# routine.  So I wrote my own, and thought I'd share.
Drop this in timer.cfm inside your $cfwebroot/WEB-INF/cftags directory:
<cfif NOT thistag.hasEndTag>
    <cfthrow type="MissingClosingTagException"