February 2009

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Apache HTTPD's mod_proxy_balancer

Last year we bought a Barracuda web firewall/load balancer appliance at work and have had nothing but problems with it.  Even the support guys from Barracude were unable to solve our dropped connection problems.  Needless to say, rather disappointing for a $15K device.
We're also in the process of moving off of Akamai to another CDN [...]

Public Project Euler Dashboards

Project Euler doesn't support any kind of public stats for users, which is kind of lame I thought.  I posted about it on the Project forum and got no response, so I built my own: http://barneyb.com/projecteuler/.  The code is a total hack, faking a login to grab the protected profile page and then doing some [...]

Google Bar Charts

I just learned today from Joshua that Google Charts added an option to automatically compute bar widths and gaps for bar (or column) charts.  Doing it manually is always a total PITA, and I've intentionally chosen line chart where a bar chart was a better fit for that precise reason.  Now, however, you just set [...]

Prime Factorization

In my ongoing rampage through the Project Euler problems I've needed a prime factorization routine several times, and figured I'd share it as a complement to the sieve I shared last week.  Implemented in Groovy, of course.  Typing is a little strange on first glimpse because Groovy uses Integer by default which only supports values [...]

Project Euler

In the comments to my post about my prime sieve from last week, Duncan pointed me to Project Euler, which is a collection of math problems that you can solve.  Not sure if it makes me crazy that I think it's really cool, but I do.  Even better, once you solve a problem, you gain [...]

CFGroovy 1.1 Goodness?

For CFGroovy 1.1, I want to do this sort of thing, where GroovyFactoryBean will instantiate the specified Groovy object and return it, suitable for injecting into an arbitrary CFC of choice:
<bean id="groovyFactory" class="cfgroovy.GroovyFactoryBean">
<constructor-arg name="cfgroovy"><ref bean="cfgroovy" /></constructor-arg>
<bean class="cfcs.service">
<constructor-arg name="dao">
<bean factory-bean="groovyFactory" factory-method="getObject">
<constructor-arg name="clazz"><value>com.barneyb.Dao</value></constructor-arg>

CFGroovy 1.0 RC3

This is the final expected RC for CFGrovoy 1.0 and includes a couple more API tweaks (backwards compatible, of course).  Bad form to do this right now, but like the attributes-to-params change, I want to get them in before the 1.0 release so I can build the next round of enhancements without mucking up the [...]