August 2008

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Refresh on GMail for iPhone

After a couple weeks of reloading the whole GMail app to check for new messages, I found a better way. It always seemed silly to have to do it, but there isn't a refresh button like on the desktop interface. Like so many things with Google products, all it takes is stepping back [...]

My New Blog

I just created another blog for myself.  Why have only one, when I could just as easily have two?  I've always tried to keep things generally technical on here, knowing that most of my readers are here for the technical content.  The new blog is a complete departure.
A few years ago, I started building an [...]

Hibernate for CF (and a new TransactionAdvice)

Since I added Hibernate support to CF Groovy, I've been using that for pretty much all new development.  Oh, how nice it is.  The perm-gen issue is still lingering, but if after a few projects, I've realized that you don't actually end up touching your persistent entities that much, so it's not as big a [...]

Cadence Retracts Offer

Cadence has retracted it's offer to buy Mentor Graphics.  Good news for the company, and hopefully good news for me too.  The chaos should definitely decrease now that the "threat" has passed, but it'll take some time to get back to normal, I suspect.

The State of the Barney

Time for another "State of the Barney" post. They're usually a January staple, but oh well.
The past few weeks (since the end of June, really) have carried significant unwanted stress because of the takeover bid for Mentor Graphics by our largest competitor. The odds of the deal actually going through are pretty slim, [...]

iPhone Coding

Yesterday I did my first bit of "real" coding on my iPhone. It actually worked pretty well, I thought, though having to switch keyboards for punctuation is definitely a drag.
I've been using MobileTerminal as my terminal client and it's pretty slick. Not a replacement for a real computer, but definitely sufficient for a [...]