June 2007

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Joe Says "Codpiece"

Joe Rinehart says that the codpiece is coming back. A huge proponent of genital decoration/protection, he managed to create a custom codpiece from his CFUNITED nametag. Truly an ingenious man. Next year we expect to see him sporting an authentic period 'piece.

Calling all Gaget (Specifically GPS) Geeks

I'm trying to find a GPS unit for myself, and am struggling. I figured since my blog has a fairly technical audience of varied backgrounds, there's probably a bunch of people out there reading who might offer some insight. Here are the specifics of what I'm looking for, in decreasing order of [...]

Another Flex Weirdness/Gotcha

Another little gotcha to watch out for with Flex.  If you have an ArrayCollection of Objects that are backing a DataGrid, you can add/remove objects from the ArrayCollection and the DataGrid will update.  However, updating properties on the objects doesn't seem to update the DataGrid until you force a redraw via some other means (e.g. [...]

List/ComboBox Row Backgrounds in Flex

All the listy components in Flex (List, Datagrid, Tree, etc.) have a protected method called drawRowBackground which is in charge of drawing the background for a given row. You typically use it to color a given row based on some facet of the data the row represents (e.g. red background for rows with a [...]

My New Bike

Got my new bike yesterday and rode it to work this morning.  Whee!  Definitely needs some tuning (seat height, handlebar placement, dérailleur tension, etc.), but it's quite nice.  Integrated shifting alone is huge.  I'll get a pic some time and post it, but for now, it's all for me.  ;)

Las Vegas WTF

Saw this on The Daily WTF / Worse Than Failure: Crashing Las Vegas.  Good ol' Windows.

i'm gonna go wii

News came back last night, my schema management tool won the Wii and CFUNITED ticket in the Open Source CF contest. After holding my wii in for the past few weeks, it'll be nice to finally let it out.

MovableType goes Free / Open Source

MovableType has gone back to having a free version for personal use.  They're also going open source.  That's good news, as I really liked it back in the olden days.  WordPress has proven to be functional, but the architecture leaves something to be desired, and the full-runtime nature is good for authors but bad for [...]

Interesting @task Edition Breakdown

The operational support team where I work uses a product called @task for trouble tickets, and I'm currently build some Subversion/Trac integration pieces so that we can keep everything in sync between us (the developers) and them.  I saw they have a SOAP interface for the product, but made an interesting discovery: it's only available [...]

Dumbass Alert

Please ignore my previous post about per-post uploads not working on Firefox. As I was lying in bed, bemoaning my plight to Heather, I realized exactly what the problem was. Adblock. I had a filter defined for "*ad.php*", which just happens to match "upload.php". Changed it to match "*[^o]ad.php*" and it [...]