JFission 0.2rc2

JFission 0.2rc2 is out, and available for download. RC1 was intended to be the final form, minus any bug fixes, of the 0.2 release, but after testing and using RC1, two things became apparent:

jf:loop needed to be a full-fledged replacement for c:forEach
grouped query output is a really nice feature, even if it's not used a [...]

JFission 0.2rc1

The 0.2 release of JFission is imminent. A release candidate has been made available on the download page, and it will probably be renamed directly into the official 0.2 release. The online documentation and examples has been updated to reflect the changes and additions.

JFission 0.1 Implemented

I got the 0.1 functionality of JFission fully implemented and it has passed all the JUnit tests, which is promising. It's not yet running on my real server, but it's on my dev box and running like a champ. I'm working on updating the docs and then I'll put it up here for [...]

JFission Update

I took a bunch of time and wrote some initial docs for JFission, and made a prerelease version available for download. Included in the new info I posted is a list of all the functions that make up the 0.1 release. The ones that are already implemented are marked as well, so you [...]


After some careful thought today while I was supposed to be working, I decided to rename JSPCF to JFission. It's a nicer name, I think, and has the right blend of subtle meaning to suit my intellect. I've finalized the set of functions that will be included in the 0.1 release, and started [...]

JSPCF, the taglib

As I've been working on this site, I've started missing all the really handy stuff that CF provides. So I started work on a JSP taglib that provides some of those nice features. The JSTL which are build into the JSP 2.0 spec are a step in the right direction (after the nothing [...]