July 2005

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Movable Type Spam Killer

Last week sometime, fed up with the unending comment spam (thousands per
week), I had an epiphany.  Spammers aren't slowed down by changing
the action of the comment submission form, so it's obvious that they're
parsing that out of the markup for the form.  By simply removing
that from the form, theoretically the comment spam should stop.  Could it [...]

CFMX At Last

I finally got my copy of CF7 Standard a couple days ago, and have
just started the process of rebuilding with CF rather than JSP. 
There's a lot of stuff to rebuild, not all of it trivial, but I'm
hoping to be mostly done this week.
Hardly even worth posting, I
know, but it'd been over two weeks since my [...]

And Again! (ComboBox)

Based on some user feedback and some more of my own use, I've made a
couple more little tweaks to the script.  In a nutshell, orm
submission blocking now works in a far less intrusive way, hitting TAB
will select the active item before changing focus, and ESCAPE will
close the dropdown if it's open.
I've also been looking for [...]

ComboBox Update

Yeah, I know it's only been a few hours, but after implementing a few different instances, I quickly decided that async processing was basically required for a performant UI. Your callback function no longer has to return an array of items (it still can, of course), but now it will be passed a second [...]

DHTML ComboBox Widget

With the wife and kid out of town, I didn't have much to do, so I spent the afternoon building a simple DHTML combobox widget. Yes, I'm that much of a geek. I haven't done a lot of testing, but I built it exclusively in FireFox, aiming for compatibility, and IE6 behaved exactly [...]

TreeManager CFC Released

I put together this component a while back, intending to eventually
release it, and it's now time.  Basically it manages a tree of
records in a databas table using the nested set model.  It acts
independantly of your existing persistance operations, and only
requires the addition of two fields to your table for it's use. 
You continue to manage your [...]

More J2EE Goodness

I recently needed to capture output for a page to email, as well as
actually output it to the page.  No big deal with CFSAVECONTENT,
of course, but there was one little glitch: occasionally, the core code
needed to use CFFLUSH, and in those cases, the email wasn't needed,
just the screen output.  Rather than screw around with separate
page [...]

The MySpace.com Cowboys

I've been at CFUNITED all week, and based
on the amount of blog coverage that's occurred without my help, I
didn't feel compelled to post.  However, the day three New Atlanta
/ MySpace.com keynote was an amazing talk that couldn't go without my
opinions being expressed to the world.
First, some background.  MySpace.com is a huge
CFML site that has recently [...]