October 2004

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I partially retract my anti-BlueDragon wrath of a few days ago. Turns out BD installs a key into a NewAtlanta-specific registry file, and doesn't bother to remove it when it gets uninstalled. So to reinstall, you need to go manually remove the key from the registry file. The file is located at [...]

Death to BlueDragon!!

More fun with BlueDragon tonight. I've never gotten BD to connect to apache2 on my mac. New Atlanta didn't bother to include a connector that actually works, even though BD will happily attempt to connect itself. So tonight, I thought that I'd reinstall a new version of BD, since there were a [...]

CVS Authentication

As part of my cvs.fusebox.org project, I made up a little CFC that will perform authentication against a CVS passwd file. I didn't want to have to maintain two sets of credentials for all the CVS users, so this proved a very good solution. The implementation was actually pretty simple; the most difficult [...]


I installed BlueDragon on my server a while back, so that I just throw together a little comment management script for the blogs in CFML, rather than JSP. Since then I haven't used it much until the last week or two. I wrote a very simple FB4 site with an access-controlled section for [...]


I downloaded Neuromancer today, which is a JavaScript library for doing web service calls without page requests. It's pretty slick, though it definitely has a few quirks. However, I spent some time working with it and managed to tack on what amounts to listeners for remote actions.
To put it in English, what you [...]

Fusebox Moving Ahead

I'm happy to say that the Fusebox development effort is at long last using version control. Yee-Haw!! After much persuasion and a few hours of work, I've set up a CVS repository and gotten everything squared away for it's continued use. Currently, both read-only and read-write access are both restricted to specific [...]

And the Brackets are Done

I spent a bunch of time this weekend designing and mocking up the monitor brackets for the counter computer out of paper. Very high-tech stuff. After that, I laid them out on the computer, all to scale, so I can print out the plans, mock it up again to double check, and then [...]