Here's a list of little projects that I maintain. This probably isn't complete, but as I update stuff, I'll add it here, so the list should keep growing.

  • Amazon S3 CFC – a little CFC for managing assets on Amazon's S3 service.
  • Amazon CloudFront CFC – a little CFC for signing URLs for Amazon's CloudFront service.
  • CFGroovy – a pluggable scriptlet engine for CFML focused on Groovy
  • CFGroovy 1 – a Groovy scriptlet engine for CFML, including dynamic Hibernate persistence
  • ComboBox – a JS combobox from the days of yore, and still kicking
  • FB3 Lite – a lightweight HTML front controller framework a la Fusebox 3 and 5
  • FlexChart – a simple SWF charting engine for AJAX apps
  • IndentXml UDF – a simple UDF for pretty printing XML
  • jQuery: Checkbox Range Selection – a jQuery plugin for selecting/deslecting ranges of checkboxes
  • Query/Reporting DSLs – simple DSLs for query strings and comparative reports
  • ReadGzippedText UDF – a fileRead corollary that reads gzipped text files
  • Schema Tool – a tool for managing database schemata (and other stuff) across upgrades
  • TransactionAdvice – a ColdSpring advice for applying transactionality to your beans