November 2006

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Scriptaculous Droppables Tweak

Scriptaculous has some fairly slick drag and drop facilities built in, though they're clearly targeted at backing some of the other features (like Sortables). I was playing today and noticed the lack of an onUnhover callback corresponding to the onHover method of a Draggable (i.e. a drop-zone). That's not needed for Sortables, but [...]

JavaScript Prompts on IE7

Just ran into an interesting problem with IE7.  It doesn't seem to allow JavaScript prompts without confirming with the user that it should allow them – per page.  I'm not sure what the logic is, but perhaps mitigating certain types of XSS attacks?  Something to watch out for, I guess.

Weird CFLOOP Quirk

I don't use CFLOOP with the condition attribute very much, and when I do, it's usually for simple stuff like a 'while true' loop. However, I ran into a weird quirk today with it, and thought I'd share. Take this code:

[cfloop condition="count LT #config.MAX_IMAGES_PER_IMPORT#">...

Pretty simple, right? As you undoubtedly know, CFLOOP evaluates [...]

DWR Rules!

I've been using DWR quite a bit on a new Java application, and WOW, it's awesome.  It's not really that different from any other JS remoting toolkit, but it is really slick.  In a nutshell, you declare "remotable" objects (mine happen to be Spring-configured services) along with what methods are remotable, and any complex data [...]

ColdSpring Presentation

Last night I presented at the Portland CFUG/ASUG about ColdSpring. There were at about 25 people in attendance, both in the room and watching via Breeze. Here's a link to my presentation files, and Sim will be posted them to the PDXCFUG site as well. He'll also put up a link to [...]

ColdSpring at PDXCFUG Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow evening I'll be presenting on ColdSpring for the Portland CFUG/ASUG. Festivities start at 5:30 with pizza and socializing, with the meeting proper starting at 6. In my mind, ColdSpring represents one of the top three events in ColdFusion's world, along with Fusebox 3 (the first "real" CF framework to enjoyed widespread [...]

HotSpot is Hot

I've been doing a lot of Java lately, and (at least at work) moving away from ColdFusion.  I've got mixed feelings about the transition, but that's a different post.  Today I was doing some VERY primitive profiling on the application, and was amazed.
Not surprisingly, the majory of the request processing time went to data access.  [...]

Theme Change (Damn IE)

I swear I didn't get this blog back online just to bitch.  That being said, the theme I installed last night apparently doesn't work correctly in IE.  Snippets of text work, but the vast majority just blanks out for some reason.  So I put up one of the other themes that I'd been playing with, [...]

Great Quote

Saw this on Brandon Long's (the author of ClearSilver) sig line:
Don't get suckered in by the comments — they can be terribly misleading. Debug only code.
– Dave Storer
Which isn't to say comments are bad, but they are NOT a replacement for clear, readable code.  Well written code should require very few comments, as it [...]

Migration is Fun!

Not really. Fortunately, WordPress reads Movable Type exports, which greatly smoothed the moving of blog entries and comments, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. I've also added RewriteRules to automatically redirect from any of the old RSS/Atom feeds to the new feed, so aggregators/feed readers shouldn't have to be updated. [...]