Base CSS Templates

After my Progressive Enhancement presentation at cf.objective last week, I had several people ask about baseline CSS that I use.  This sort of surprised me, since I figured at a developer conference CSS would kind of be glossed over (and I built my presentation with that bias).  That said, CSS is a fundamental aspect of [...]

Even Better Inline Progress Bars

In the handful of months since I last posted about inline progress bars, I've made some enhancements to the mechanism. In particular, the original mechanism didn't handle overages very gracefully, and while overage isn't strictly needed for progress, I've ended up wanting the same inline display for other types of measurements (e.g., fundraising dollars against [...]

Simple CSS Tabs

Simple CSS Tabs

I use tabs for navigation a lot.  Not for in-page DOM swapping, but for expressing a list of available pages along with indicating which on you're on.  Pretty much every tab "system" is centered around client-side manipulation, rather than just presenting server-generated markup.  And the few counter examples don't do it in an encapsulated way, [...]