Boggle Boards

In case anyone wants to know, here are the specs for Boggle – both for Original Boggle and for Big Boggle – in a handy machine-readable format. The format is line oriented with each line representing a single die, and the sides of the dice delimited by spaces. Note that there is a [...]

UPDATE: Route 53 API Regression

Yesterday I posted about an apparent regression in the AWS Route 53 API, but it appears that it was a documentation issue, not an actual regression.  A member of the AWS team contacted me and confirmed that the docs for the 2010-10-01 version of the API erroneously listed the parameter names with initial caps, even [...]

Lego Ad

Lego Ad

OSX-Ordered Buttons

If you've used both Windows and OSX, you've probably noticed that the standard button ordering is different.  For a simple confirm dialog, Windows typically renders the buttons centered at the bottom of the dialog, with the 'OK' button to the left of the 'Cancel' button.  On OSX, the buttons are rendered to the right at [...]

Amazon S3 CFC Now Supports Paged Lists

The initial implementation of the listObjects method on my Amazon S3 CFC didn't include any means for paging through records.  The default behaviour of S3 when doing a listObjects request (a GET of the bucket) is to return the first 1000 keys in alphabetical order, and then truncate the result.
There are now two more parameters [...]

Medians and Quartiles

A number of years ago I build this little app called EventLog.  It's a really simple data journal: you enter a set of a tags and a timestamp (defaulting to "now"), and it saves it off to a database.  Then you can build all kinds of reports and such based on your data to help [...]

The Cookie Militia

The Cookie Militia

Saw this on pictureisunrelated.com and had to share:

Fast Music

As a musician, is it strictly necessary to blaze through every piece of music you play?  Listening to Christmas music on Pandora and probably 2/3rds of tunes, particularly non-orchestral pieces, are at about 125% the speed they should be played.  It doesn't make you a better player just because you can flail your fingers and/or [...]


Here I am just out of the shower, sitting on the back patio with bare feet and a t-shirt, sunset behind the trees, listening to the babbling fountain and some Leaves Eyes', and finishing up a bag of Mother's Circus Animal cookies.  If only I had a fruity drink with a little umbrella in it…