June 2004

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Enhanced SETI@Home Stats

Long ago, on some lonely night, I wrote up a little display engine for showing the status of the various machines I control that run SETI@Home in a single place. Nothing fancy, but it worked. I took some time this evening to make the needed data files from all my machines available via [...]

Taking over DNS

Once again, I'm attempting to become my own authoritative domain host. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly this time, now that the proper IPs are already floating around.

JFission 0.2rc2

JFission 0.2rc2 is out, and available for download. RC1 was intended to be the final form, minus any bug fixes, of the 0.2 release, but after testing and using RC1, two things became apparent:

jf:loop needed to be a full-fledged replacement for c:forEach
grouped query output is a really nice feature, even if it's not used a [...]

Architecture Update

I mentioned in a post a while back that I'd switched from mod_rewrite/mod_proxy for connecting Apache with Tomcat, and I finally got around to updating the Site Architecture document to reflect those changes, so once again, it is an actual reflection of reality.