CF9 Compatibility for FB3Lite

I just made another minor tweak to FB3Lite to fix out-of-the-box ColdFusion 9 compatibility.  CF9 added a 'location' built-in function, which means that the function of the same name that FB3Lite provides now generates a compiler error.  Fortunately, since functions are real data within CFML, a simple realiasing gets around the issue.  This creates a [...]

FB3Lite appSearchPath Supports Mappings

Piggybacking on the change to allow mappings in do/include, you can now use mapping-relative paths in the appSearchPath initialization variable as well.  Before you had to use a relative path, which got a little hairy when you had a deeply nested structure:
<cfset appSearchPath = "../../../myApp" />
<cfinclude template="../com/barneyb/fb3lite/index.cfm" />

But now with mappings, you can simplify things, [...]

Fusebox's Noose

From an email Sean Corfield sent to the Fusebox5 mailing list (http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/fusebox5/message/4566):
I just wanted to provide a brief update on [Fusebox and 4CFF]. 4CFF discussed Fusebox with TeraTech (specifically John Zhu of 4CFF and Michael Smith of TeraTech) and were unable to reach an agreement on Fusebox joining 4CFF. One particular sticking point was that [...]

Implicit Blocks in Fusebox 5.5.1

The XML syntax used by Fusebox since the 4.0 version allows for conditional expressions like these:

In the latter case, the
tags are basically irrelevant, because they provide the same containership and semantic as the tag itself.  Fusebox 5.0 and older allowed you to omit the
tags in this [...]

Fusebox XML Flowchart Generator

Fusebox XML Flowchart Generator

About a week ago someone posted on the Fusebox mailing list looking for a way to generate flowcharts from his Fusebox XML files.  Adalon was suggested, but it didn't do quite what he was looking for.  So I sunk some of my spare time into building such a tool, and even managed to refrain from [...]

FB3lite as a Custom Tag

Last night at work Koen uncovered an issue with using FB3lite as a custom tag.  Inside the tag it does "formUrl2Attributes" to merge the two scopes into the attributes scope.  What I'd done incorrectly was omit the "don't override" parameter to the structAppend calls, so the URL and FORM scopes would supercede any existing attributes [...]

Minor FB3lite Update (and a Weird CF Bug)

This evening while adding some reporting to PotD (NSFW, OMM) to help nail down some performance issues that I think are Apache's fault, I noticed a strange issue with FB3lite.  If you've used it, you know the core of the "framework" are the do() and include() UDFs.  Both contain a CFINCLUDE tag, and a weird [...]

Calling FB3Lite as a Custom Tag

Today at work, Joshua wanted to invoke one of our FB3Lite apps from within an external CFM file (a CMS template) to reuse some code.  So I added a little snippet to the top of index.cfm to detect if it's being called as a custom tag and only execute during the start phase.  So you [...]

Adventures in Monkey Code

I did a little experiment this weekend.  I needed (well, wanted) to build a really simple little photo viewer application.  Create a gallery, add some photos, view the photos as a slideshow.  Really basic.  The catch is that I build it using no framework at all, aside from Application.cfm.  Note the 'm'.  And no IDE: [...]

Stream Layouts

No, I'm not talking about those things full of water running down the mountainside, I'm talking about how you assemble a full HTML (or whatever) page from a webapp.  Being a Trac user, I've done a bit with Genshi, and then with Grails used SiteMesh, both of which are stream-based engines.  I'd always though the [...]