I'm WPTouch Enabled

Over lunch I installed the WPTouch plugin to provide a iPhone OS-like interface for those of you who want to read site on your phone but not with the full layout.  Mmobile devices will still see the normal layout by default; you must enable the new interface using the toggle in the footer.  Once toggled, [...]

WordPress Shortcodes in CFML

If you've used WordPress, you may have run across shortcodes.  They're little directives you type into the editor box which then evaluate dynamically when the content is rendered on the outside of you site.  Plugins can register new shortcode handlers, which are implemented as a simple function callback.  It's a really simple way to expose [...]

REReplaceCallback UDF

If you've used pretty much any modern language, you know all about callback functions.  Unfortunately CFML is capable of doing it, but the language itself doesn't leverage the feature anywhere.  In particular, a callback for the replace operation is of great value.  Ben Nadel has blogged about such things a couple times, and now I'm [...]

WordPress 3.0

I just pulled down the latest and greatest from WordPress's SVN repository to give the new 3.0 code a whirl.  Specifically, I wanted to see what was happening around the WP.org and WPMU merge that is one of the big features of 3.0, since I run a bunch of WP.org blogs that I'd love to [...]

NaturallyCarolicious.com Is Live

One of my WordPress projects was helping a friend move her blog from TypePad over to a self-hosted WordPress with a shiny new domain name: naturallycarolicious.com.  As of today she's made the official "welcome" post, and the new site is running like a champ.  She's still some design stuff, but that's just icing on the [...]

What the Hell is Wrong With Me?

For the past month or so I've written more PHP than every other language combined.  That's including English.  Really.  Four separate WordPress projects (two standalone, two MU), one of which is a blogging platform for Mentor Graphics, and I'm up to my neck.  I'm a CFML developer by profession; I think I got off at [...]

WordPress MU – No Longer a Bare-Domain Nazi

A week or three ago I learned that WordPress MU was explicitly coded to refuse to run on a 'www' subdomain, instead forcing you to run it on the bare domain.  While running your website on the bare domain is certainly a reasonable thing to do, forcing users of your software to do it seemed, [...]

Unindex Search Plugin

Even though I use Google Custom Search for my blog, I get a lot of WordPress's internal search results pages indexed by robots.  Didn't want that to happen anymore, so I wrote a simple plugin to address the issue.  Maybe someone will find it useful:
Plugin Name: Unindex Search
Plugin URI: http://www.barneyb.com/
Description: Addes a NOINDEX meta tag [...]

ƒµ©Ҝ You WordPress

In my WordPress MU migration, I made the delightful discovery that it will not serve on a 'www' subdomain.  Period.  It will answer, but it will never regard a 'www' subdomain as canonical, and always assume the bare domain is the right spot to serve from.
Fuck You, WordPress.
While I certainly agree that the behaviour of [...]

Server Stories

Got a whole bunch of work done on my new box this evening.  Still lots to do, but well on my way.  Pluggable on-box backups for MySQL, pluggable S3 backups for arbitrary files, a WordPress MU skeleton, a few Tomcats, base HTTPD config, even a ColdFusion instance.  Unfortunately, the majority of my stuff runs on [...]