March 2007

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I was Interviewed! did an interview with me last month on (surprise) ColdFusion frameworks, and they've just published it.

Windows Strikes Again

So I just got a new HP Pavilion laptop, running Vista.  First thing to do out of the box (after waiting the 15 minutes for Windows to start the first time) was connect to the network.  No dice.  Tried everything I could think of.  Guess what fixed it.
Glad to know I won't have to learn [...]

ELinks: Text-Mode Superstar

If you use a terminal, you owe it to yourself to check out ELinks. It's a text-mode web browser, but it's got CSS, frames, tables, mouse (including scroll wheel), tabs, bookmarks, etc.  I spend a lot of time SSHed into remote boxes, and having a local browser makes things so much easier.  Windowed would be [...]