May 2007

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Improved ComboBox Demo

After Koen (a coworker) pointed out that my online ComboBox demo was rather user-unfriendly (like how you just had to "know" to type an 'a' in the fields), I threw some instructions around it. It's available at /web/widgets/, as before. There's also a new distro at /web/widgets/, and the project page has been [...]

ComboBox Widget Update

I've been making tweaks to my ComboBox widget (first published in July 2005) in various apps of mine that use it, and figured it was time to publish an update. You can download the archive at /web/widgets/, play with the online demo (which is just the expanded archive) at /web/widgets/, or visit the project [...]

My Files are Back

At long last, files are back on web.  All those old download links from before my server died last winter no longer point to missing files.  There are still some links that go to non-existent pages, but all the actual downloads should now be present.