March 2005

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Seamless MySQL Connector J 3.x on ColdFusion

I use MySQL 4.1 almost exclusively for my work, and was a little bummed
that neither CF 6.1 nor CF7 support the 3.x Connector J driver for
it.  You can use the old driver, but you run into issues because
the authentication stuff changed between MySQL 4.0 and 4.1, and only
the new 3.x drivers support the new authentication.  [...]

BD 6.2 Update

Vince from NA just provided some clarification on the 6.2 release and
RC expiration on the BD mailing list.  BD.NET is the only edition
that is set to expire on the 31st, and it doesn't expire, it just
reverts to developer edition.  The Java editions don't expire
based on dates, they expire based on the trial licenses (never for
free, [...]

BlueDragon 6.2 is Coming

The final release of BlueDragon 6.2 is due out "very, very soon,"
according to Vince from New Atlanta.  Perhaps more important to
those that have been using 6.2 RC is that the RC is set to expire on
March 31st, so you'll have to upgrade any systems to 6.2 before that
I'm excited to see what tweaks and fixes [...]

A Non-OSX PowerBook?

My PowerBook saga continues.  I thought that I'd come up with a
pretty stable system last week: install 10.3 from the install CDs and
don't apply ANY updates.  Some of the updaters would be nice to
have, but at least with bare-bones 10.3 allowed me to do things like
boot up.  Unfortunately, last night, it decided that it didn't
like [...]

Sean Corfield on Frameworks

It's been forever since I've posted, but I'm going to try and get back
to posting at least a couple times a week again.  First topic is Sean Corfield's
"Frameworks: Fusebox or Mach-II" talk that he gave last night at the
Seattle CFUG meeting.  I'm not sure that's the exact title, but
it's close enough.  There were about 20 [...]