Migration Complete!

This morning I cut barneyb.com and all it's associated properties over from my old CentOS 5 box at cari.net to a new Amazon Linux "box" in Amazon Web Service's us-east-1 region.  Migration was pretty painless.  I followed the "replace hardware with cloud resources" approach that I advocate and have spoken on at various places.  The [...]

Pic of the Day Minicards

I always get lots of questions about my Pic of the Day minicards, so I made a page on the PotD site with info about them both in general and the individual runs.  As always, NSFW.
The minicards are the only actual "marketing" I do for PotD aside from occasionally link to it so it can [...]

Moving Pic of the Day Foiled Again

A while back I made an attempt to move Pic of the Day (NSFW) off of ColdFusion 8 and onto Railo 3.  I can't afford a license of CF9, so my only upgrade path is through a free alternative.  Unless someone has an extra four grand they want to give me….
Last time I was foiled [...]

Scaling Averages By Count

One of the problems with statistics is that they work really well when you have perfect data (and therefore don't really need to do statistics), but start falling apart when the real world rears it's ugly head and gives you data that isn't all smooth.  Consider a very specific case: you have items that people [...]

Rebuilding Pic of the Day

I need some help, thoughts, recommendations as I undertake this, but first some background…
As I do every 15-18 months, I've decided that it's time to rebuild Pic of the Day.  I've never actually done it; the codebase is still the same one I started 5-6 years ago and have edited (often daily) since then.  But [...]

Edit Distances Bug

This evening I found a bug in one of the optimizations that I made to the edit distance function.  I've corrected the code in the original post, and made a note of the change there as well.  Just wanted to mention it in a second post so anyone who read via RSS will be aware [...]

Edit Distances and Spiders

An edit or string distance is the "distance" between two strings in terms of editing operations.  For example, to get from "cat" to "dog" requires three operations (replace 'c' with 'd', replace 'a' with '0', and finally replace 't' with 'g'), thus the edit or string distance between "cat" and "dog" is three.  Aside from [...]

PotD For The World

Last night was sort of the release of Pic of the Day (not safe for work, or my mom) into the wild.  The project is a couple months shy of five years old, and while I've talked about it obliquely all over the place, I've never really publicized it directly.  I'd made the assumption that [...]